Our Midwives

All our staff are highly skilled and experienced Registered Midwives who have been chosen to provice your care. All our midwives participate in ongoing education and review of their Practice by the New Zealand College of Midwives.

Kirsty Rance: Manager (R.M, R.Comp.N, PGDip.HSM, Dip.ScTech)

Kirsty is the Manager and a staff midwife of Nelson Bays Maternity Unit (since 2004). She is a nurse of 35 years with experience in ICU, Paediatrics, Emergency and Teaching and has been a midwife for 20 years, in large and small hospitals and in homebirth. " We have a wonderful team of midwives at Motueka Maternity. Birth and the early days of parenting are so important and it is a pleasure to provide a supportive environment to the families of the Nelson/Tasman region."

Kirsty holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Service Management, a Diploma of Science and Technology and provides consultancy and technical expertise regarding maternity care to organisations.


Gillian Gallacher: Associate Manager of Clinical Services (R.M, R.N)

Gill is the Associate Manager of Clinical Services  and a staff midwife of Nelson Bays Maternity. UK trained in nursing and midwifery, experienced in working in city hospitals, small towns and remote rural areas. She emigrated and settled here with her young family in 1986. For two generations Gill has been providing local women with LMC midwifery care and options of home and hospital births.

Gill joined the team at Nelson Bays Maternity Unit in 2009 as Associate Manager of Clinical Services. "It is great to work with such experienced midwives providing an excellent maternity services for families throughout the region.” 


Anna Bannister

Anna has been a midwife since 1980 offering home births and births at Nelson and Motueka hospitals. She is currently working as an LMC and part time at the Nelson Bays Maternity Unit.



Helen Waugh

Helen is an experienced midwife who has been working as an LMC for many years. She currently works as an LMC and part-time here at the Nelson Bays Maternity Unit as a staff midwife. She has two children and one grandchild.

Lynn Hilden

Lynn currently works as an LMC and sometimes a staff midwife at the unit. She believes in a caring and flexible approach to midwifery, working closely with women and their families. She has three teenage daughters.

Ruth Elliot

Ruth is an experienced midwife who trained and worked in the UK. She moved to Nelson in 2003 and has worked as a midwife since then. She can sometimes by found working as midwife at the maternity unit and as a locum.