Birthing at Nelson Bays Maternity Unit

What women say...'My best birth experience yet! I recommend your unit highly to expectant mothers.'  




Your Baby's Birth: The birth of your baby is such a special time for you and your family. It is our aim to provide you with a comfortable relaxing environment; an important factor in helping women birth more easily (See- More Information).


We have everything you need: We have everything you need for the birth of your baby.

  •  We have: birthing pool, swiss ball, bean bag and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) should you wish to use them.
  •  A single or double bed available and there is an ensuite shower and toilet.
  • - Refreshments and bathroom facilities for the comfort of your family.
  • ALL the equipment you would expect in a modern maternity unit is on hand, discreetly placed so that your birthing room remains homely and inviting.



Working Together:

  • with your support person
  • with your own LMC midwife

Our midwives will support you, your family and your LMC midwife to ensure you have the best team available.



Your LMC will;

  • call the Nelson Bays Maternity Midwife when your baby is to be born
  • stay with you for 2 hours after the birth
  • remain in contact with you while you are in the unit.


The Nelson Bays Maternity Midwife will

  • continue to provide your care when you LMC leaves.
  • be guided your Care Plan as to your wishes