Here you will find a list of Lead Maternity Carers (LMC) Midwives whose clients regularly use the Motueka Maternity Unit for births and/or postnatal stays including transfers from Nelson Hospital.


The importance of Teamwork

Motueka materntiy provides an excellent environment for midwives, as well as for our clients. We are committed to working as a team, with your LMC and our staff midwives working together to provide you with the very best of care.




LMC Midwives- Motueka/ Tasman Area

Anna Bannister

Ann has been a midwife since 1980 offering home births and births at Nelson and Motueka hospitals. She also offers waterbirths. She uses homeopathy, acupuncture and massage as appropriate. Anna also works part time as a midwife at the Motueka Maternity Unit.


Phone: 03 540 2228      Cell: 027 222 35 21

Clare Spratt

Clare trained and worked as a nurse and midwife in the UK from 1998. She moved to Motueka in 2005 with her family. She is an experienced midwife who is very passionate about her role, offering home, water and hospital births.


Phone: 03 526 7764      Cell: 027 332 49 29

Helen Waugh

Helen is an experienced midwife who has been working as an LMC for many years. She offers birth at home or Motueka or Nelson Hospital. She has two children and one grandchild.


Phone: 03 528 4343      Cell: 021 115 41 39

Janice Hayes

Janice trained in the UK as a midwife and has experience as a Plunket nurse. Janice works in the Motueka area, and offers births in Motueka and Nelson hospitals, and at home.


Phone: 03 528 8312      Cell: 027 628 83 12

Lynn Hilden

Lynn believes in a caring and flexible approach to midwifery, working closely with women and their families in and around Mapua, Motueka and Richmond. Lynn also works part time as a midwife at the unit. She has three teenage daughters.


Phone: 03 540 2208      Cell: 027 273 3325

Wendy Cotter

Wendy is a UK trained midwife (1989) and NZ R.G.O.N (1986), and offers LMC services for women birthing in Motueka and Nelson. She also provides her services part time at the Motueka Maternity unit. Complimentary therapies. Wendy provides care in partnership to women and their whanau. 


Phone: 03 528 9119      Cell: 027 528 9119